47 Sizzling Subject Lines That Could

4-6x Your Email Revenue

Before sending your next email… Simply copy and paste one of these subject lines curated by a group of $10 billion email marketers, and watch that email make you 4-6x more sales.

That’s not some crazy number I just pulled out of thin air either. The difference between a mediocre subject line and a great one can easily be 4-6x of that email’s revenue.

It doesn’t matter if you have a direct response/churn & burn email list or a personal brand style list…

If you have a personal brand list and can’t write awesome subject lines, NO ONE is going to open your emails in the first place. Which means you won’t be able to build a relationship with them, no matter how great your email copy is.

if you have a direct response list… There’s plenty of data from multi 8-figure brands that prove if you pair a great subject line with god awful email copy, it will still outperform a subpar subject line with the best email copy you could ever write.

However, when you have BOTH a great email subject line and great email copy, your emails can easily make 4-6x the revenue…

And the best way to guarantee all your emails do that, is to use subject lines that are already
proven to be winners.

The 47 Sizzling Subject Lines gives you world class subject lines that have been used, tested & refined through over $10 billion dollars in email revenue & millions of email sends.

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