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Just schedule a call below so my team and I can see if it’s a right fit for us to install this lucrative system for you—commission only. The purpose of the call is so we can see what you’re currently doing for email marketing and for your business, that way we can see if we can help. **This offer is only available on this page so schedule today**

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During your call, you’ll discover:

You’ll end this call with actionable strategies you can immediately apply to your brands email marketing for explosive profit growth.

During your call, you’ll discover:

You’ll end this call with actionable strategies you can immediately apply to your brands email marketing for explosive profit growth.

A Few Brands We've Worked With

A Few Brands We've Worked With

Why Choose Us?

Question: Are you tired of working with agencies who charge 10s of thousands of dollars but don’t make you any profit? 

Or maybe you don’t want to build out an entire email marketing team… And face steep labor costs of junior marketers who don’t pull their own weight on the balance sheet. 

Or perhaps worse, you find yourself spending so much time critiquing copy & creative from inexperienced marketers that you may as well have done the work yourself! 

If that sounds like you, then you’ll be glad you landed on this page today. 

Choosing us is a great idea because we deeply understand the challenges of running and growing an email marketing team that performs…

AND most importantly — we understand how to tackle those challenges at every level — so whether you’re a bigger or smaller brand, we can promise you’ll never struggle with those challenges again.

Keep reading to learn more…

Hiring a full in-house team can be costly. Especially if you don’t already have a proven system based on best practices…

Because without that proven system for others to follow, you’ll need to invest in premium talent with the in-depth knowledge & skills required to build from scratch and drive the creative direction of your email channel. 

Here’s a typical break down of a “high-performance” email team:

Total Labor Costs: $392,000/year ($32.66k/month)

Whether you have an internal team already or not, you’ve came to the right place today.

 If you already have an in-house team and are worried about massive labor costs, don’t worry. We can help you get the ROI you’re looking for.

In our Done-With-You (DWY) Email Marketing Service, we work closely with your team to install our proven blueprint, and quickly ramp up your email channel to KPI. We ensure the A-list copy & creatives you need are fulfilled at all times, that way you have everything you need to keep growing Year over Year.

And if you don’t have an in-house team, or the internal bandwidth needed for high-performance email marketing & total profit growth, you can outsource all your email marketing needs with our 100% Done-For-You (DFY) option.

We’ve generated results for many brands across multiple different niches, Some of them include:

  • A Multi 8-Figure Online Course Seller & #1 seller on teachable
  • A 9-Figure Continuing Education Brand
  • A Leading Supplement Brand used by pro bodybuilding champions
  • A DTC Beauty Brand
  • A Popular Real Estate Mastermind
  • Multiple Financial Publishers & Investment Newsletters
  • A Private Equity Fintech Company
  • A Social Media Tech Startup
  • A High Status Events Company
  • A Retail Clothing Brand

Check Out Some Of Our Results

$60k in 1 promo in 1 week.

(We sent more campaigns that week too besides this one!)

60k 3 emails

Almost $600 in 20 mins


9% increase in open rate, + almost .4% increase in click rate. (150% higher from previous click rate!)


Multiple thousands generated, everyday...

Klaviyo machine

$33k on 2 email sends

33k 2 emails

50% Order Rate From 1st Welcome Series Email...

50 increase

Just Imagine What It Will Be Like Once You Get Your Hands On This Lucrative Email Marketing System...

Predictable Revenue Forecasts

Achieve cashflow certainty by knowing what revenue will look like months in advance, by offer & send volume.

30-59% Extra Revenue

If email isn't generating 35% of your brands revenue, you're missing out. Don't worry, we'll help you do 30-59% through this highly profitable channel.

Healthier P&L

Reduce STEEP labor costs from jr. marketers who don't pull their weight, and increase profitability with our 100% done-for-you (DFY), conversion-driven email strategy that produces sales on autopilot.

Save Yourself Headaches & Tens of thousands of dollars from agencies, freelancers, and junior marketers who don't generate you an ROI

It’s not worth it to waste years and thousands of dollars trying to figure things out for yourself…

When INSTEAD… You can save this time & money, and get better…faster results, by tapping into our proven blueprint that has scaled multiple 6, 7, 8, even multi-8 figure brands’ email marketing accounts. 

Are you ready to add an extra $50k to $1M/month in the shortest time possible?

… To have a more profitable business without the decades of hard work it usually takes? 

Then, scroll below and claim a free strategy session while you can.

"Matt's not only a great marketer, he's an excellent business strategist."

"150 NEW customers and growing...we're thrilled to continue working with the H&C Media Team."

Book a FREE Email Account Audit Call Today ($397 value)

Schedule your call by clicking the button below. During your 100% free email account audit call, you’ll discover…

You’ll end this call with actionable strategies you can immediately apply to your brands email marketing for explosive profit growth.

We look forward to reviewing your email account with you!

Matt Hommel, Founder

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Get you an extra 30% or more in revenue without you having to spend more on ads… by increasing your email deliverability, which raises open rates significantly. This allows every email to be seen by more people. And when your emails are good, those who see them buy. More people seeing more good emails means more revenue w/o ad spend. We’ll get all your main email flows (welcome series, new customer flow, abandoned cart, browse abandon, sunset, etc. etc…) performing at KPI so we don’t let captured visitors fall through the cracks. This helps us create cash on autopilot. We also leverage customer data to put together automated, data-driven upsell & cross-sell flows to squeeze more juice out of customers, raise LTV, and create an amazing customer experience by giving them the most relevant things that they love buying – exactly when they want them the most. AND… we lay out your email calendar for the year and provide you with predictable revenue forecasts, so you get an excellent picture of the economics of your business at all times.

For a lot of our brands we like to use a 50/50 approach between DR & branded emails. Some brands we work with blast products to their list twice/day, while others only sell 25% of the time. Additionally, for those who are more sales reluctant and don’t want 50% DR type of emails, we use DR in much more subtle ways. There’s nothing wrong with selling something in every email — especially if you’re using stories, testimonials, and giving educational content. We see very good results, however, with doing a 50/50 approach and is usually what we prescribe the most. This usually translates to a mix between selling & providing valuable content.

Again, this comes from testing. But we have a list of proven email formulas we use that have sold billions of dollars through email. These range from, curiosity emails, story emails, topical emails, emotional stories, big-bro/authority emails, testimonial emails, case-study-story emails, problem-solution/PAS, PWAT, sometimes AIDA – but we prefer PAS or PWAT much more than AIDA.

Customer acquisition is expensive. In fact, on average it costs 7x more to acquire a new customer than to retain a current customer. Marketing to existing customers is much cheaper. In fact, an Harvard Business School study showed that if you retain 5% more customers through email, you’ll see 95% more profitability. The reason being, once you’ve spent the money to acquire a customer, it’s close to free to sell them again through email (minus your SaaS and distribution costs).

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