Done for you email/SMS for info product & e-com brands that helps you... 

Info Product, Course Sellers, and DTC Brands...

Unlock an extra 7 to multi-8 figures in net cashflow with our 100% Done-For-You (DFY), Direct Response Email Marketing  

*Do NOT apply unless you have an email list of 20,000 or more* 

"Increased my open rates by over 9%"
"When you and your team came in, you were able to help me increase my open rates by over 9% and my click rates by almost .4%. It's been an upward trend for me, and I wanted to say thank you very much!"

— Stacey Cee, Founder, Stacey's Naturals
*Limited time availability on the website

FREE Report! 

WARNING: Do not get this 100% free guide unless you are willing to take on $1MM to $10MM+ in "extra revenue"...

These are secrets we've uncovered from managing email lists across 7, 8, even 9-figure brands — and producing over $50,000 in one email! Inside your copy, you'll discover:
  • Full A-to-Z breakdowns of REAL emails from 7, 8, even 9-figure brands, showing you WHY that email excelled, as well as HOW you can produce the same style email yourself
  • Done-for-you templates to copy & paste, so you can effortlessly create winning emails like the 7 to 9-figure ones you'll see
  • And more...

We're not here to "sell" you anything. But the dozens of happy businesses we’ve helped might sell us to you. See for yourself:

"Matt's not only a great marketer, he's also great business strategist."

We won't just help with your email marketing, we'll also help with the entire demand generation funnel, if that's what's needed to transform your brand and take it to the moon! Mike Hubert will vouch for us on that. Listen to his words:

— Mike Hubert, Cofounder, OZ FundHub

"150 NEW customers...and growing"

"Huge shout out to Matt Hommel and the H&C Media team! 150 NEW customers for Front Society and growing. Leading up to our event, they used some really creative marketing techniques to not only create awareness, but also engage and excite people through the process. We are thrilled to continue using their expertise."

— Tony Lauto, CEO, Front Society

"New customer acquisition and ascension..."

“Matt’s project-specific work drove conversions across multiple campaigns with fresh ideas, new angles and actionable copy. His attention to detail, story-telling and personal connection through his copywriting resulted in higher open rates, click-through rates, new customer acquisition and ascension, and increased revenue for the company.”

— John Hutchinson, Co-Founder, Traders Reserve LLC, 2-time ClickFunnels Comma Club Award Winner

A Few Brands We've Worked With (& Currently Work With)...


How We Work

Onboarding Call

We kick off all projects with a onboarding interview call. This helps us gather your brand story, understand your customer & product better, and collect all necessary marketing information we need on your end. 

Research + historical campaign deep dive

After our onboarding call, we'll do a deep dive into your historic campaigns and uncover what's worked the best, and what has not. Additionally, we go through our own internal research process. We want to understand your business & industry more than you do. It's how we execute our role as a strategic growth partner for your brand.

Map out Email Calendar

Here, we'll develop a macro strategy and install our email KPI spreadsheets into your business. This let's us forecast your email programs contributions to the bottom line — since profit is our goal. 

Produce Creatives

Once we have a solid plan, KPI tracker set up, and deep insight into your business, ideal customer, and offer, we begin deploying creatives to your list. 

Ongoing testing & optimizing

As we launch our campaigns, we track numbers daily, accounting for rev-per-blast & rev-per-contact and ensuring we are continually reaching KPI and on track to hit our forecasted revenue goals. 

Get in touch

(518) 469-4202

New York City Headquarters

505 West 37th St. New York, NY, 10018

E-mail Us

Have additional questions on how we can begin our relationship? Send us an email


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